FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Wins BLI Winter 2022 A4 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence

Apeos and ApeosPrint C325 series printers win with compact design delivering high print performance and reliability for small workgroups

Hong Kong, February 28, 2022 - FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. was awarded the Buyers Lab (BLI) Winter 2022 A4 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence for Outstanding Color Multifunction Printer (MFP)/Printer for Small Workgroups with the Apeos C325 series and ApeosPrint C325 dw.

As the leading independent global document imaging product test laboratory, Keypoint Intelligence conducts tests on hundreds of new machines in various categories each year. The Apeos C325 series and ApeosPrint C325 dw MFP/printer emerged as winners for their impressive image print quality and steadfast functions which positioned to be the leading solution for small workgroups.

According to Keypoint Intelligence, the Apeos C325 series has proven to be a reliable multifunction printer with robust printing capability. During the 62,000-impression durability test, there were no misfeeds and no service required. The judges were impressed with the overall user experience that the new designs create. The capacitive touchscreen built into the control panel of Apeos C325 series provides ease of use which is similar to a smartphone.

Launched in April 2021, the Apeos C325 series and ApeosPrint C325 dw have been a success. Versatile to fit in a variety of offices with the smallest size and lightest in its class Note 1, they can support a continuous printing speed of 31 sheets per minute on A4 size, 41 sheets per minute on A5 size despite its compact size. With the Secure Print feature, important information is protected via the SMBv3/TLS1.3 support and password protection for incoming fax Note 2. For multiple-device installation, the setting in the first device can be replicated to multiple devices and this function will reduce the time required for setup procedures and increase the operational efficiency and productivity for customers.

2022 BLI Pick Award for Fujifilm Apeos C325 Series Apeos C325

Apeos C325

2022 BLI Pick Award ApeosPrint C325 dw ApeosPrint C325 dw

ApeosPrint C325 dw


Its intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface and well-organized print driver simplifies walk-up and workstation activity, helping to keep workflow moving,” said Kaitlin Shaw, Senior Consulting Editor at Keypoint Intelligence.

“The high-quality, professional-looking output in both black and color will more than meet the needs of general office professionals,” said Tony Maceri, Senior Test Technician at Keypoint Intelligence. “The devices also support flexible mobile options and NFC technology which suits small workgroups looking for high productivity and flexibility in their workstyle.”

The BLI award has further augmented our drive to innovate more and deliver the best MFP/printers to our customers,” said Yoshimitsu Komatsu, General Manager, Enterprise Document Solutions Business Group, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. “By creating innovations to support our customers transition towards digital transformation as well as improve overall communications, we seek to help people working in offices to become more efficient. We are extremely happy with the recognition provided to us.”

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is evolving into a digital innovation company that enables customers to transform their businesses. The company leverages its digital technologies and expertise in business process transformation to provide value for customers worldwide by addressing critical and practical business issues to create innovative and fulfilling workplaces. And with this award, BLI has further affirmed the quality, performance and ease of use for these two printers as well as our innovation efforts.

Note 1: As of March 2021, in the A4 color printer and multifunction printer segment with color/monochrome continuous printing speeds above 30 prints per minute (A4 simplex). Does not include the weight of consumables.

Note 2: Available only for Apeos C325 z


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