FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Introduces Digital Signing Services for Customers

First ICT Vendor to Adopt “iAM Smart” for Digital Signing of Documents

Hong Kong, April 11 2022 – FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited, a leader in enterprise document services and communication in Hong Kong, has introduced a digital signing service for all customers to further streamline digital transformation. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong is also the first information and communications technology (ICT) vendor in Hong Kong to adopt “iAM Smart” which facilitates digital signing of document with customers online.

As a key digital infrastructure which supports the smart city development in Hong Kong, the “iAM Smart” platform enables users to be authenticated with a single digital identity and access different online services securely anytime and anywhere. Under the pandemic, it is equally important to safeguard the wellbeing of our employees and customers. Contactless document signing thus became a standard business practice.

“FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong has once again given customers an innovative solution with the introduction of digital signing service by using “iAM Smart”, reaffirming our commitment to helping customers achieve their digital transformation strategies,” said Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited.

The pandemic was the catalyst for enterprises to begin or speed up digital transformation strategies to reduce costs, increase productivity, mitigate cybersecurity risks, simplify workplace practices, and reduce manual errors.

“Through “iAM Smart”, our customers now have the option of signing legally binding documents online in a safe and convenient way. As a trusted ICT partner specializing in document consultancy, professional enterprise solutions, and services in Hong Kong for over fifty years, we will continue to introduce new technologies that benefit our customers,” added Mr. Matsumoto.