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Robotics Process Automation Solution Enhances Efficiency and Accuracy

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“FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong provides professional advice and one-stop services to ensure smooth operation of our system. UiPath's Robotics Process Automation (RPA) solution significantly reduces the manpower spent on manual and repetitive work.”

– Karl Ting, General Manager, Corporate Information Services, Crystal International Group Limited


Founded in 1970, Crystal International Group Limited (Crystal) began as a traditional garment factory and gradually grown into a multinational company. After 50 years of dedication and perseverance nowadays, the company around 80,000 staff employed in more than 20 factories across six countries. With customers in Europe, the United States and Asia, Crystal produces about 350 million garments a year with a total revenue of US$2.5 billion.



With production lines located in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Cambodia, Crystal’s local employees have to deal with their daily tasks via an internal system, but some common problems and bottlenecks exist in the current process and affect the efficiency negatively. For example, due to the large volume of orders, many workers are required to process their documents manually, which is prone to errors and increased labor costs. Besides, the company lacks a centralized system to process clients’ orders and approvals, resulting in the delivery of the order. Last but not least, a high turnover rate can be costly to the company because it incurs additional costs to recruit and train new hires.


To maintain a leading position in this highly competitive market, many companies have started to harness cutting-edge digital transformation solution for better growth opportunities. A pioneer in adopting advanced technologies to enhance productivity, Crystal recently deployed the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution jointly supplied by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong and UniPath. Using software robots, all daily routine and manual work, such as processing orders, delivery notes and invoices, are centralized and standardized through the RPA. This simplifies business processes, saves resources and greatly reduces the chance of human errors. Additionally, as RPA processes most of the repetitive and routine work, the company could be less reliant on manpower, and at the same time, unleash the potential of its workforce. This helps reduce production costs and save for more resources to train new hires.

RPA also optimizes the document review process. Many companies have a manual workflow to process their documents, but the volume – in terms of both the number and type of documents – is simply too high for the audit team to review, and manpower is very limited. The disadvantage of this traditional approach includes lower efficiency and heavy reliance on human resources. At present, Crystal has adopted the RPA to assist the audit team to comprehensively review all documents. The reviewed documents can then be systematically stored and classified in the document library.

In conclusion, this new technology allows all documents to be inspected at the time of input and paves the way for the subsequent audit procedure, resulting in a significant increase in overall efficiency and reduced dependence on manpower and costs. During the collaboration, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong offered on-going post-sale services, including professional solutions and assistance to support Crystal’s digital transformation journey.

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