"By leveraging MVDP and multifunction devices, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong provided an integrated solution that significantly reduces the cost of document management. This solution gives a free hand to our employees, as well as enhancing service quality and corporate image."

– Celia Lei, Personal Assistant to Managing Director & President Great Time Limited.



Great Time Limited has a history of over 30 years in Macau, serving as a distributor of wine, food groceries, and cleaning supplies, as well as import and export trade. The company distributes more than 4,000 types of goods, providing high-quality services to cater to the needs of high-end resorts, casinos, local retailers, as well as food and beverage markets.



"We process more than a thousand invoices daily," said Celia Lei, Personal Assistant to the Managing Director & President of Great Time Limited. "In the days before this digital transformation, my colleagues managed invoices in an inconsistent format." When searching through the archives, they had to manually examined dozens of printed files located in a warehouse.  Great Time Ltd. deployed a stand-alone invoice scanning and processing software system. However, the system was ineffective and could not integrate with the daily operation of Great Time. In view of the development and growth of the business, the management team realized the urgency of adopting an advanced digital invoice processing solution, which can store and access transaction data effortlessly, and enhance collaborations among various departments.



MVDP and Multi-function Device (MFD) have been incorporated into the daily operations of Great Time Limited. Celia pointed out that all transaction data are saved and updated to the MVDP platform since then. The system generates every invoice a barcode, which enables the retrieval of customer and billing information. It drastically reduces the workload of order tracking and streamlines the daily operations of the logistics department.

With the MVDP automated processes, manual errors are eliminated. More importantly, MVDP provides a platform for digital archive and inventory tracking which optimizes the supply chain management of Great Time. Celia stated that the adoption of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s MVDP solution, the document management costs are significantly reduced. The company saves one to two personnel for each process. That gives a free hand to the employees, as well as enhancing the service quality and corporate image.

Celia expressed that they are very satisfied with the support services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong – engineers can always provide a speedy response to any software and hardware issues. Under the rapid development of economy and tourism, the tempo of life and business operations has accelerated in Macau. Great Time Limited has expanded its business rapidly in the past years and the number of employees have reached 150.  She also expects a continuous partnership with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong – not only to further utilize different tools of MVDP, but also to rejuvenate system and to introduce new digital solutions to optimize the daily operations of Great Time.