"FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong MVDP completely replaces TCF and NCR printer-oriented document lifecycle management, which tremendously reduces the management cost and expenditure on the previous printing system."

--- Royal Supermarket



As one of the principal supermarket chains in Macau, Royal Supermarket (“Royal”) has established over 30 branches which offers a wide range selection of products. Royal is dedicated to providing delightful shopping experience as well as offering an affordable price since 1997. 




Due to an incomplete document management system, Royal encountered some problems in its complex daily operations, including shipping, customs clearance, inventory management, and logistics. These procedures require a considerable amount of invoice printing. 

In the meantime, Royal faced difficulties to manage multiple NCR printers. There are common technical errors such as misalignment and pen failure. Their staff have to manage consumables replacement by themselves as well. When printing Triplicate Carbonless Forms (TCF), the finance team has to monitor the output of the printers which reduces working efficiency.



In order to streamline the processes among Royal’s warehouses, the management team of Royal Supermarket decided to choose FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong as their digital transformation partner to implement the MVDP Solution. MVDP replaced the existing TCF and NCR printer-oriented document lifecycle management. MVDP can generate customized-template triplicate form with A4 paper. Royal no longer has to store a huge amount of traditional NCR paper, which has a minimum order quantity. MVDP gives the finance team a free hand to work on handling other important tasks. 

In addition, FUJIFILM Business Innovation printing machine provides a smooth, high-quality and automated output experience – it automatically binds documents and significantly reduces paper jams.

MVDP took document printing and device management to the next level. The automated monitoring system broadcasts the real-time status of machine, consumables, and paper jamming. It enabled secure and remote
troubleshooting, along with regular system checking and consumption management offered by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong. Royal benefited from flexible cost control as the consumables can be purchased on demand and billed after use.

Thanks to the hassle-free document process workflow, Royal has successfully reduced the operation costs and operating risks. The company showed its recognition of the after-sales support services from FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong. Royal is planning to grow, expand the business and innovate with this trusted ICT partner in the future.


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