“The Managed Print Services offered by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong deliver a remote proactive device-monitoring functionality, which fits well with our smart office objectives. Our printer problems can now be identified and fixed quickly with the smart monitoring function.”

--- Daryl Cheng, Senior Vice President of MIS, YF Life Insurance International Ltd.  



YF Life is a technology-enhanced life insurance and wealth-management company. The company is a member of publicly listed Yunfeng Financial Group Limited, and committed to helping customers “own the future” by providing professional one-stop risk- and wealth-management consulting services, as well as MPF services.

YF Life - Digital Transformation



The regulatory requirements for insurers are high. As companies are jumping on the bandwagon to streamline their operations through digital transformation, it is essential for Insurtech pioneers such as YF Life to be able to work with a reliable information and communication technology partner. As a result, YF Life has chosen to partner with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong to
create a smart workplace for enhanced productivity and efficiency, while at the same time fulfilling statutory obligations. Before deploying FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s Managed Print
Services, YF Life was using a decentralized printing service model which was difficult to manage due to the use of multiple printing vendors. This resulted in a number of time-consuming processes, including the management of a comprehensive view of the total number of devices and their locations, as well as the costs involved in both hardware and consumables. 

“The use of multiple printing vendors enabled us to take advantage of the different strengths of individual vendors, but at the same time, it increased costs and our IT and administrative staff consumed more resources in working with different vendors during the procurement and invoicing process,” said Daryl Cheng, Senior Vice President of MIS, YF Life Insurance International Ltd.

YF Life - Digital Transformation



To understand the client’s challenges, a professional consultant from FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s visited YF Life’s office to assess its existing print service environment and print usage. FUJIFILM Business Innovation then recommended YF Life to implement a dedicated device-monitoring system to provide proactive monitoring. Through a customized print-management portal, including an event and incident log, pre-defined break-fix process flows, and SLA (Service Level Agreement) measurement, the client gets access to printing insights and SLA performance from the dynamic dashboard and reports.

The service portal also provides automatic reports for regular review of print status and a total account of service delivery. Other advanced features include QR code login, mobile payment integration to smart devices, and cost center accounting reports to facilitate office automation.

  YF Life - Digital Transformation



As YF Life’s long-term business partner for 20 years, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s upgraded solution has become an indispensable component of the YF Life “ecosystem” in building its smart office for technology-enhanced insurance services. The adoption of Managed Print Services has helped optimize its print fleet by 41% through device consolidation, device model standardization and flexible management. With proactive device monitoring, 30% of reactive calls have been eliminated as meter readings become obsolete and consumables are dispatched automatically.

With a quarterly review for KPI monitoring, the client now has better account governance thanks to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s built-in Account Delivery Manager.

“In order to align with the industry development, insurers nowadays focus on digital bank transfer, automatic transfer, and anti-money laundering,” said Daryl Cheng. Paving the way for YF Life’s digital transformation journey, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s integration solution also features a user-friendly visualized dashboard for print usage against the SLA, a login with QR code for remote/ mobile printing, and an optional Alipay top-up function.

“During the past 20 years of collaboration with FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we have witnessed FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s expansion in the ecosystem that connects its multifunction printers and services to achieve business process optimization. Naturally, YF Life has chosen a partner that provides us with tailored services and seamless communications,” concluded Daryl Cheng.