At FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we know that purchasing and maintaining copier machines or office printers may be a challenge. We offer flexible and affordable in-house financing to provide more innovative products and services at a competitive rate.

Whether you are looking to invest in a FUJIFILM Business Innovation copier, printer, software or document management services, we have you covered with our various packages that include printer rentals to meet your company’s needs. Without tying up substantial capital, we designed our solutions to put you in a better position to invest in other revenue-generating opportunities in Hong Kong and beyond.

Benefits of Printer Rental

  • Improve your cash flow and increase your working capital: Not all companies have the financial leeway to factor in sudden printer malfunctions. Prevent any unwarranted disruption of business processes by outsourcing this task to our panel of experts instead. Well-equipped with expertise, we will service your lease with care and provide you with timely, helpful advice. With that out of the way, you can focus more energy and financial resources on growing your business.
  • Allows better budgetary planning and control: With the advanced knowledge of your rental commitments, you can lower the risks of unnecessary expenditure or potential and ensure closer compliance with your company’s budget. For special projects that require professional expertise, you may refer to our digital printing solutions and reach out to our team who will assist you in meeting your business goals swiftly.
  • Flexible payment structure tailor-made for you: Your company’s needs and the business cycle will change as time goes by, and we are committed to being your best aid in its development. With our customised payment plans and quality printers for rent, you can rest assured that your company logistics will always be able to keep up with the fast-paced work environment.
  • A quick and straightforward one-stop financial service: Your ease and convenience is our priority, and we will commit to that in every service step. There will be no complex documents to complete for the rental of our printers. We also adhere to a transparent payment system, so there are no additional administration and registration fees to be paid.

Feel free to contact us at FUJIFILM Business Innovations Hong Kong for more information about our printers for rent.

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