Fujifilm RE:ON LightWhere Neon Colours Meet Creativity

Fujifilm's Revoria Press Product Launch at the even RE:ON Light on 28 September 2021

On 28 September, 2021, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong was delighted to welcome a full house of 130+ guests from the printing industry and design community, as well as representatives of our business partners, who all gathered at our “RE:ON Light” seminars and exhibition.

2020 Asian Print Awards Hong Kong winners shared their experience with Mr. Victor Tsang of CreateHK

We were honoured to have Mr. Victor Tsang of CreateHK join to present the 2020 Asian Print Awards. Through seminars and sharing activities, guest speakers sparked design inspiration amongst the community. We were also encouraged to receive the overwhelming collaboration with local artists and heritage preservation organizations to reinterpret the neon colour culture by using modern printing technology and special paper.

Photographs of Hong Kong neon-drenched streets by Keith Macgregor, printed by Fujifilm's Revoria and Iridesse 6-color print engine production press

Guests were especially impressed by Fujifilm’s state-of-the-art technology, the one-pass 6-color print engine with AI and automation print technology, proudly presented with Revoria™ Press, the Fujifilm brand new production printer series. The technology was showcased by prints of photographs by Keith Macgregor, known for his portrayals of the city's neon-drenched streets in the 1970s and 1980s, highlighting the ideal union of neon light aesthetics with printing technology.

Fujifilm's Revoria Press PC1120 6-color print engine production press

If you are interested in the Revoria and the neon colours printing technology, contact us for more information!


Security Loopholes You Might Have Missed When Using Freelancers and Contractors

people working in open office area

If you think your remote workforce only comprises employees working from home (WFH), think again.

Many companies are contracting work to external service providers, such as freelancers, agencies and consultants. Whether your business is a startup, an SME, or a large enterprise, you may be among the 80% of businesses that regularly engage freelancers and enjoy some of the benefits such arrangements offer.

To outsource a task or a project, companies are required to share information. Maintaining flexibility and productivity without sacrificing confidentiality and cybersecurity may be a challenge.


Your business’ intellectual property, details of its activities, clients’ data, industry expertise, and strategic plans constitute strictly confidential information. The loss, theft, or sale to a competitor of any of that information could lead to financial losses, legal action, reputational damages, or even liquidation.


The productivity afforded by a distributed workforce is enabled by moving operations and data out of the secured network to external devices or even to the cloud. In this context, cyber threats are not simply an in-house concern that could be mitigated with employee training and endpoint security. Addressing the burgeoning risks, Gartner identified the modern approach of cybersecurity mesh, which allows distributed enterprises to deploy security where it is needed, as the top security trend in 2021. With off-site freelancers and contractors having access to your intellectual property and in-between communications, another set of techniques and tactics is required to work securely.

(Extracted from recent article "Secure your business from 'other' remote workforce" [9 min read])



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eSupport Service for Your Business Needs Anytime!

We understand how irritating it is when a single minor problem retains you from moving forward. That is why FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong offers our eSupport services to keep your business running. This now includes the newly introduced web-based live chat, 24-7 eLogging, and a variety of digital resources with quick self-help instructions.

Apart from our Customer Hotline, customers can now reach us through various channels according to their preference. Try and experience them now!

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Beeswax Food Wrap Green Workshop to Practise a Sustainable Living

FUJIFILM Business Innovation believes a sustainable lifestyle is vital for environmental protection. In view of the rising amount of disposable plastic consumption in Hong Kong during the pandemic, four sessions of the Beeswax Food Wrap Green Workshops were successfully held to raise the environmental awareness of our colleagues and encourage the reduced use of single-use plastic products in our daily lives.

During the workshops, our colleagues learnt some green knowledge and how to DIY reusable food wraps. Made from cotton clothes and beeswax, these personalised food wraps are good alternatives to disposable plastic food containers and cling wrap as they are 100% biodegradable. All participants enjoyed the workshops and are happy to live a green lifestyle!

Fujifilm staff made their customized DIY beeswax food wraps.
The beeswax food wrap green workshop encouraged our staff to live a sustainable green lifestyle.