FUJIFILM Business Innovation Day: A Success with VIPs & Press

The launching ceremony of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong

On 21 May 2021, we held the "FUJIFILM Business Innovation Day" at HKCEC to announce our company name change with a launching ceremony. We also showcased our new business strategies and new products launched under the Fujifilm brand to media friends and VIP guests.

We were honoured to have Dr. David Chung, JP, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology of HKSAR, as our guest-of-honour to officiate the ceremony, together with Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto, our Managing Director and company senior executives.

Matsumoto giving his opening remarks

In his opening remarks, Mr. Matsumoto stressed that “We are determined to provide innovative products and services to serve Hong Kong businesses of all sizes through their digital transformation journeys for sustainable business success.”

Matsumoto responding in the media interview

“Multi-function printers serve as the gateway for us to apply our expertise in documents, both paper and digital, to make business speedier and information even more accessible,” Mr. Matsumoto said to the media after the ceremony. “This is how FUJIFILM Business Innovation will build the best communications setup of the future for our customers’ business environment.”

Upholding the “Never Stop” spirit of Fujifilm Group, we launched 14 brand-new multi-function devices and printers in the ApeosPro, Apeos C, and ApeosPrint series under the Fujifilm brand on the same day. The three new series aim to serve users with different business needs.

ApeosPro is the high-performance multi-function printer series that offers high-quality images for professional use as well as general office functions such as copying, faxing and scanning. Apeos C digital colour multi-function printers support versatile, remote workstyles with enhanced security capabilities and tools that support office operational efficiency.

ApeosPrint aims to support businesses with limited office space such as retail stores and hospital receptions. The series also includes the new ApeosPrint C325 dw, the smallest and lightest in its class, with capabilities in high-speed, high-image printing, thereby improving work productivity.

Besides the new products, we presented an exhibition themed “Business Innovation Journey” to help the media and our guests to understand more about FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong and our business approach.

Check out this video highlight of that exciting day!




Achieving COVID-Ready Mobile Security for Financial Services

The financial services industry (FSI) in Hong Kong has always been at the cutting edge. Apart from the eight virtual banks launched in Hong Kong in 2020, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has increased the uptake of digital financial services. More bank branches are closing or limiting operations, and customers are increasingly resorting to banks’ digital services to manage their personal and business banking needs from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Increased post-COVID uptake has also had the effect of accelerating potential threats to confidential and critical data. A Bitglass report showed that 62% of all exposed data in 2019 originated from the financial services industry, despite accounting for only 6.5% of that year’s data breaches.

Whilst a hybrid workforce is a major trend, remote work comes with its own unique challenges. The vulnerabilities inherent in working far from a secured office must be addressed by any administrator.

The challenge is clear for IT administrators and employers.

A security consultant can help you build and maintain a security infrastructure that may include any or all of the following:

  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Endpoint security solutions
  • Mobile device management solutions

Besides using the right tools, policies should also be created to govern the use of the mobile data environment. Administrators need to strike a fine balance: lax administration will endanger the company, whilst overly strict enforcement can alienate users or result in poor compliance.

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How prepared are you for a digital transformation?

The move to digitally transform business is no longer optional – it is imperative.

But what does this mean for your business, your staff and the workforce in general?

The new marketplace requires new skills. To accelerate your transformation, you’ll need technology specialists, data analysts and those with highly specialised skills in areas such as cybersecurity.

One problem is that your competitors are looking for the exact same thing. Here are 4 human-centric tips to ease your organisation’s digital business transformation:

  1. Transformation requires leadership starting at the top
  2. Take it to the team and work alongside your organisation’s goals
  3. Empower your people with new ways of working
  4. Communication is key

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YF Life’s Digital Transformation Journey



New Synergistic Partnership with TriTech Distribution

We entered into a strategic partnership with TriTech Distribution which became an authorised distributor of our products, including printers, multi-function printers and consumables. 

“With TriTech’s strong reseller networks, it opens the opportunity to expand our presence in the local SME market and offer greater value to our customers by providing more comprehensive services,” said Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto, Managing Director.

Read the press release for more details.


Caring Company in Community Contribution for 19 consecutive years

We are honoured to be awarded the 15 Years Plus Caring Company Logo for 2020/21 by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service as a recognition of our commitment towards developing a sustainable society. 

As a Caring Company for 19 consecutive years since the establishment of the scheme in 2002, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and provide support to social infrastructure which benefits people’s lives through volunteer services. This echoes the aim of the Caring Company Scheme to foster strategic partnerships between business and social services sectors to promote good corporate citizenship and create a more inclusive society. 

Moving forward, we will continue to motivate our volunteers to take good care of the environment and community through various educational activities and social services, with the aim  to support future generations and the local community by building a sustainable future.